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New Single Release!

About The Band

These Kings Will Kill formed in 2020 by vocalist & guitarist Daniel Ablett. Like countless other bands, the project was unexpectedly put on hold due to the pandemic. When resuming in the fall of 2021, the band saw numerous line-up changes up until early 2023, where drummer Rhodrigo Braga, and bassist Luke Booth joined to solidify the band as a three piece. From this addition they made their debut with the single “Save Yourself Kill Your Friends”.

Since the final line-up change, the band have stayed dedicated and continue to work hard with writing, recording, and performance for their up coming EP due out early 2024.

With their EP on the horizon in early ¬†2024 “Crow Watching The Thief“, These Kings Will Kill are poised to make an indelible mark on the alternative music scene. By seamlessly blending the ethereal ambiance of shoegaze with the raw energy of alternative rock, they carve out a unique sonic niche that resonates with a diverse audience.

Live Dates

No upcoming shows scheduled for TKWK... Check back soon!